Toyota Trucks go off Roading

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Toyota? Sedan? Affordable? Reliable? In our last post, Where do I Begin? ,  we described a not so great example of an experiential marketing campaign which was loosely based on a great event put on by Toyota. Toyota decided to build their reputation within the Pick-up Truck and SUV market and make it so that consumers consider their trucks when they are looking for a heavy-duty pick-up.  What better way to do this then get people to test drive a few?

Toyota Tacoma

Photo Credit: Matthew Cerasoli

This is where experiential marketing supersedes many other marketing tactics. The best way to encourage trial is by bringing your product to your customers rather than waiting for your customers to come to you. Experiential marketing -if done well of course- allows you to create an enticing and engaging environment for trial with no sales tactics or pressure.  Check out the event they put on below!

The company’s main goal was to encourage trial while promoting the features of the Toyota SUV and Truck lines. The event was well suited for their target audience, what outdoorsy, hard working man wouldn’t want to jump into a brand new truck and take an off-road test drive while his wife shops? It is a fun and engaging event that drew in more than 2100 new test drives – which would have not happened with a simple encouraging tweet or TV ad.

Do you think this event was effective? Leave a comment and let us know!


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