Finding the Finest Brand Ambassadors

People are the most effective medium of communication. They provide a more profound engagement with consumers and a memorable experience with your brand. It’s these experiences that foster relationships with your brand.

I’ve been throwing the word brand ambassador around a lot in my last few posts, but never really stopped to explain what a brand ambassador actually was. A brand ambassador is just that, an ambassador of your brand. At your event they will be representing your brand, your image and your values. They will be delivering your key messages and they will be interacting with your current – and potential – customers. For that one day, that weekend or that summer long campaign they will be the face of your company so they play a key role in your future success.

Photo Credit: Andre S. Ribeiro

Photo Credit: Andre S. Ribeiro

You obviously want the best of the best to represent your brand, right? People you can count on to get the job done the way you would. The ones who aren’t too shy to intercept consumers in a mall, who enjoy talking to people and can engage consumers – or at the very least keep a conversation going! Most importantly people who won’t give up from a little hostility and disregard from consumers. Believe it or not, you could be handing out free products and you will still have the odd few who will avoid eye contact and keep walking right by you.

So how do you find such amazing people?

Universities are an infinite source of staffing. Students are, for the most part, eager to gain work experience. Find out how to post on the schools’ job board, contact student groups within the University, email professors or, when possible, make in class presentations. You’d be surprised at the response you’ll get – even for volunteer work!

Photo Credit: TechYizu

Photo Credit: TechYizu

Event or Marketing Associations often have student members eager to gain experience in their respective fields. Try tapping into this pool of resources to get experienced workers.

Larger event and experiential marketing companies often provide staffing services. Your competition may be of good use!

How do you know they will be a good fit?

Interviews will allow you to meet your potential brand ambassadors. Group interviews will allow you to see who stands out from the crowd and what these people are like when thrown into a social situation. Sit back and watch how they interact with each other.

Try role playing during the interview. Provide candidates with scenarios and have them act out how they would handle situations they will find themselves in. This will tell you how well they think on their feet and how they work under pressure.

Set them up for success.

Provide your brand ambassadors will all of the necessary information about the environment they will be working in as well as all of the necessary information about the event and brand they will be representing. Provide them with all of the key messaging that you want to get across to your customers.

Provide a general outline of the event including the timing, flow and execution strategies you’ve come up with. If possible, do a walk through of the event as to view the event from the perspective of your consumers. What questions come to mind? What are you automatically drawn to? 

Remember those goals you set at the beginning of this process? Make sure they know of and are aligned with these goals and you can be sure the event will be a success!


2 thoughts on “Finding the Finest Brand Ambassadors

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  2. This is a great article. I have been in Experiential Marketing for years and have seen all types of reps. I find that you can never do enough role playing when training BAs. If they are shy while during this process, chances are they will by too shy at any event and will not engage properly.

    PostBeyond is an amazing tool to bring even more value to your Ambassadors. It enables them to post approved content to their personal networks in the most authentic, efficient, and controlled way. If 100 BA’s post content to their networks, they will reach well over 50,000 people! Best part is that it’s only $1/user/month. Talk about peer-peer impressions at a CPM rate that is pennies! Check us out at

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