Online Events

Online events are a great way to incorporate event marketing into your marketing mix without the high costs and risk traditional events can bring. Online marketing allows you to bring together customers in different locales and attract new customers. It has the potential to build your company brand and increase revenue. However, when done poorly they have the potential to tarnish your company image. When creating an online event keep these in mind,

  1. Test, test, test! Ensure all of the necessary technology and webpages are working properly. If there are technical glitches, your website crashes or difficulties accessing the event consumers may turn away before the event even starts.
  2. Spread the news. Unlike with physical events you can’t expect your target audience to just show up. Let your current customers know of the upcoming event and promote it through your channels.

What types of events can you host online?

Webinars (or web conferencing)

Webinars provide participants with practical information using workshops, guest speakers and presentations via the web. They usually last half an hour to an hour. If you are looking to host a Webinar be sure to provide your visitors with the opportunity participate in the conversation and ask questions.

Photo Credit: Official GDC

Photo Credit: Official GDC

Live Streams

These are digital streams of live events. This is a great way to provide people who are unable to attend the live event access to the program. Providing live chat and social media capabilities allow for a more dynamic and involved experience for your users. You can set up a live stream with a simple webcam or you can use one of the many different applications available. A simple and easy to use example is Google+ Hangouts. A great example is Social Media Week’s live streams of their events around the world. You can participate in events happening in other countries and converse with other professionals tuning into the live stream.

Virtual Events

These types of events bring their customers and potential customers from different locations together in one virtual space. These online events provide visitors with the feeling of being at a live event. They can visit different “booths”, get information and meet staff members.

Have you participated in any online events? Were they successful? Would you attend again? Let us know!


2 thoughts on “Online Events

    • That’s great to hear. I’ve virtually attended a few not so good live streams and I don’t think I’d go back! Sound was a big issue at the venue they were using.

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