Make Experiences Your Culture

In today’s competitive environment, creating memorable experiences sets the successful brands apart from the rest. Here are some companies that are known for the experiences they create in their everyday business. It’s these experiences which keeps customers coming back.

Photo Credit: Sally Ann French

Photo Credit: Sally Ann French


Since 1923 The Walt Disney Company has become a worldwide phenomenon. People travel thousands of miles to experience the magic of Disney. To the envy of many marketers Disney has built a strong following by developing a culture centered on creating memorable experiences. How they do it? They always seek feedback and engage their employees. Employees play a major role in the company’s success therefore Disney empowers its employees to forge connections with customers and provide them with insights into what hits home with their target audience. They outperform expectations and go above and beyond to make every customers experience a memorable one.


If you’ve ever walked into a Safari Pet Center you know why they are a great example of a company focused on generating a memorable experience for customers. If you walk into the flagship store in Montreal you will be amazed at the over the top décor. A giant ship wreck, a plane crash, rickety bridges and water falls are just a few of the décor elements in each store. They create an exciting experience for their customers that keeps them wandering around the store for hours!


Adventurous people travel from far and wide to experience O.Noir. A regular business day offers an extremely unique experience to its customers. They created a unique dining experience by having guests dine in complete darkness. It awakens the senses for the foodies of the world and provides and exciting change to the usual dinner date.

The experiences created by these companies can be replicated by building a corporate culture focused on your customer.


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