I am in no way an expert in event marketing but I am looking to learn, and I’m guessing you are too. By creating this blog I will be learning from the experts, and sharing what I find with you. You may be asking why event marketing, why not talk about social media or sales tactics.Well here is why I am so passionate about this topic,

In today’s marketing environment buyers have a very powerful and influential voice. This buyer-empowered world has forced marketers to seize every opportunity to create goodwill, earn the public’s trust, and differentiate themselves.

Many businesses take the easy way out, sticking with the tried-and-true tactics, which we’ve seen – over and over again. The tactics which take the least amount of resources and time to execute. But changing up your mix by incorporating event marketing can give your business the opportunity to do something out of the box while extending your reach.

Whether you are a pro or a first timer, Buzz Appeal will give you the information and best practices involved in creating a fantastic event.

It’s time to break the mould of traditional marketing tactics, to critique the current industry standards and provide fresh ideas on how to get people talking about your brand. Buzz Appeal will become your guide to event marketing and how to use it to generate hype around your brand.

– Christina


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