Tradeshows: Showcase your best next year!

Tradeshows (or Industry Shows) are a gathering of people within a specific industry or profession. A number of different vendors in that industry will pay to showcase their company, products or services at the event. Costs vary depending on how reputable the show is, the size of the booth you require and the location of your set up. Of course the larger, more central booths will cost more than a smaller one. Here are some opportunities and reasons why you may want to participate in tradeshows,

  • Direct, face-to-face access to target audience (don’t underestimate the power of a handshake and good conversation. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a lasting impression).
  • Network with other people within the industry.
  • Feature your brand and build awareness.
  • Strengthen your presence in the market.
  • Become aware of competition.
  • Get promotional material and brand swag in the hands of target audience.

If there is a major tradeshow for your industry, consider how participating would help get your brand out there. Whether you are sponsoring a tradeshow or just participating make sure you do your research. Find out whether or not the show is reputable, how many attendees are expected and where the event is being held. Think of ways to set your booth apart. Can you incorporate social media to extend your reach?

Photo Credit: Christina Mele

Photo Credit: Christina Mele

If you are hesitant to participate in a tradeshow be sure to consider whether or not your credibility can be effected if you do not participate. This is all a part of understanding your target audience’s path to purchase.

Photo Credit: Christina Mele

Photo Credit: Christina Mele

A great example is the Wedding Industry. There are SO many industry shows for brides to visit. They can go in and compare multiple vendors in one space. Many of these shows are hosted during the “slow” season for wedding vendors therefore many are hesitant to spend the money on this type of promotions. Because there are so many different shows it’s important to consider the type of audience the show will attract. For example the Kismet Show is a large South Asian Wedding Show and the Wedluxe Wedding Show attracts the high-end, luxury vendors. It’s important to choose a show that suits your company’s image!


2 thoughts on “Tradeshows: Showcase your best next year!

    • Thank you! The first was taken at a wedding show put on by The Copper Creek and the second was at the Wedluxe Show!

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